Gauteng Open Road Tolling

[filefield-filename]Toll gantry on R21 route
[filefield-filename]Night view of the Central Operations Centre (COC)
[filefield-filename]Mobile police vehicle
[filefield-filename]Gantry installations
[filefield-filename]Foyer at a Satellite Centre
[filefield-filename]Operators working in the Call Centre at the COC
[filefield-filename]Construction of a Toll gantry
[filefield-filename]An e-toll shop in Menlyn Mall
[filefield-filename]Workstation inside an e-toll shop
[filefield-filename]Equipement inside a MPS vehicle
[filefield-filename]Constructuion of the Central Operations Centre
[filefield-filename]Toll gantry on N1 north
[filefield-filename]Toll gantry on R21 route
[filefield-filename]Equipment inside a MPS vehicle
[filefield-filename]MPS Vehicles in front of the COC Samrand
[filefield-filename]Satellite Centre at BP Oasis on N1
[filefield-filename]Branding on the Satellite Centres
[filefield-filename]Toll gantry on R21
[filefield-filename]Graphical presentation of the GORT project
[filefield-filename]Maxi Mobile payment staion
[filefield-filename]Branding at the COC Samrand
[filefield-filename]Gantry building at GN37 on R21 route
[filefield-filename]Constructuion of COC
[filefield-filename]Temparary Kiosk inside a mall
[filefield-filename]Midi Mobile Payment Station
[filefield-filename]Branding around Rigel Satellite Centre
[filefield-filename]Foyer of a Satellite Centre
[filefield-filename]Reception at the COC Samrand
[filefield-filename]Night View of back of COC Samrand
[filefield-filename]Night view of test Gantry at Gosforth Plaza